Bug Club

Bug club home reading scheme

Enter Bug Club

Bug Club is a reading program that the school will use to help teach reading. The program consists of carefully graded eBooks that children can access via a personalised website
The eBooks will allow students to practice their reading onscreen and completing activities found in the eBooks. The eBooks are also audio-books, so children can enjoy hearing an expressive reading of the books.
To access the eBooks each student will be provided with their own login details to the Bug Club website.
When your child logs in they will see eBooks on their homepage. Their teacher will allocate eBooks according to the reading level they are on. Their teacher will also monitor the students progress in reading from school. Students may have up to 5 new eBooks at one time. Please help your child access the website and help them read the eBooks.

To read an eBook click on the book cover & see how many activities there are, read the eBook with your child and click on the bug icons to open the activities to complete. Your child does not need to finish all activities in one sitting. They can come back to a book later. Some eBooks also contain a guide to help you know how to help your child with sounds.
When your child has read the eBook and finished all the activities, they will gain Bug Points. When they have read a few eBooks, they will have enough Bug Points to gain a reward.  A reward will appear on their screen, and they can see this reward in ‘My rewards'.